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Беспроводной индикатор Keli XK3118 T1-WX.

XK3118T1-F(WX) wireless indicator, it can transmit weighing signal to the indicator in
terms of wireless digital, adopts high anti-Interference single-chip microprocessor.
2.4 G wireless transmission, high precision ∑-A/D conversion technology, can be  used in platform scale, floor scale by solving the inconvenient cable setting and movement
Wireless weighing system Includes XK3118T1 -F(WX) wireless indicator and T — WX1  wireless transmitter. You need to order both two for using.
XK3118T1-F(WX) wireless indicator has transformer, built-in switching power supply optional.

Characteristics and basic functions:
Power-saving mode and auto power-off function;
Transmission distance is 50 meters in open space without barriers;
Support wireless and wired modes to connect with junction box;
Charging once can be normally working for 200 hours.